3 Secrets to Stunning Sponsorship Proposals That Get Funded The First Time
Rachel Kubicki Collins

 Are you weary of explaining a sponsorship revenue gap to your board?


Are you sending the same worn-out old proposal to every sponsor?


You know… that proposal that’s been patched together from sections out of the last seven proposals that didn’t get funded.


If so, you’re in trouble again this year.


The choice is yours.


You can start to warm up your leftover 2020 excuses, or…

TRANSFORM your sponsorship proposal for 2021!


And start a revenue generating machine that replaces the scramble to cut and paste a proposal to meet a looming deadline.


Transform your sponsorship proposal into a shooting star that makes you memorable, fascinating, and, most importantly, funded. 

In this downloadable presentation, you’ll learn:

  • The kind of story that will capture your sponsor’s imagination and charm them into funding you over the competition

  • How to come off like a polished pro in a room full of intimidating executives

  • Words you MUST avoid using in your proposal 

  • We’ve created a handy SPONSORSHIP TRANSFORMATION BLUEPRINT to use.


Download now!

Picture yourself proud and confident to hit the “send” button on your next proposal instead of “hoping for the best,” and sign up for your FREE trial at PartnerGauge.com for more training, templates, and the most efficient and cost-effective sponsorship research tool ever.

Rachel Kubicki Collins

President / Founder